Woodville on the state stage 

As we look towards the coming hockey season, two talented junior players we can’t wait to see on the pitch in 2022 are Aitishka Singh and Swati Kaintura. 

As well as playing for Woodville in both junior and senior teams, in 2021 Aitishka and Swati were selected to represent South Australia in the U13 girls state team. In further recognition of the emerging strength of Woodville’s junior squad, Coach John Abbott was appointed as the team’s Assistant Coach. 

Unfortunately, the ongoing impact of COVID led to the cancellation of the 2021 Australian U13 Carnival. In its place, over the weekend of 4-5 December the U13 girls played an invitational team comprising U15 players and others. John Abbott reported that both Aitishka and Swati played well and had a very good couple of games.  

While it was disappointing Aitishka and Swati were unable to test themselves against their peers from across Australia, they still gained enormously from being part of a state team.  

We asked them share a little about their experience: 


Hey, my name is Aitishka and I’m a player of the 2021 under 13 girls SA state team.  

This experience has given me the opportunity to develop as a player, gain new skills and work as a team. During training sessions, we as a team got to know each other better and worked on drills to help during the game day. We were also fortunate to have a team dinner for us to have some fun and bond.  

Although, we were unable to travel interstate and vs other state teams due to Covid, we had some competitive games of our own. This included the u13 Adelaide fire team along with some u15 state players vs our state team.  

Overall, this was a very thrilling and joyful state experience as it was my first time and I am looking forward to many other experiences similar to this. 


Hello my name is Swati and I was one of many successful players that made the U13 2021 state team.  

As it was my first time trying and being selected for state it was different at first but as I got to know all the other players they were just as new to this as I was. We all had this first experience together as we bonded with each other through the training sessions and the dinner we had that let us be more social outside of the field. This was a good way for us all to get close, as we are all going to see each other in the future as we progress in hockey.  

As we all know COVID has made it hard for us all to travel, and we were not able to travel interstate for games against other states. To replace that our U13 state team played against another very strong and competitive team; The Fire Academy which included of multiple U15 state players. The games were very competitive and exciting as it was the first time where the whole team played together. We made a very strong team together.  

Overall, the opportunity to be in the state team was amazing and I am thrilled just thinking about all the other adventures that are coming up just like this. 

Aitishka and Swati played pivotal roles in securing the Metro 4 Women Premiership, pictured here with the team’s coach and club legend Noona Thompson.

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