Xmas Wine Fundraiser

Due to popular demand, the Woodville Hockey Club Wine Fundraiser is back!

Stock up on quality wine at massively discounted prices, all in time for summer festivities.

The benefits are two-fold: you get exceptional wine at an excellent price, and our family club gets an always-appreciated financial boost. If you need some other reasons to get on board:

  • it’s always important to have a stock of different wines for the Christmas season. (No one wants to face Aunt Susan without a glass of Shiraz in their hand.)
  • it’s a great opportunity to get prepared for the random presents we inevitably need to give (Let’s all avoid the embarrassment of our neighbour dropping of a home made bundt cake as Christmas present, and us giving them pack of Monte Carlos in return. True story.)
  • all teachers, everywhere, prefer a bottle of wine over a candle. Just sayin’.

The selection of wines available, and order form, can be found below. Simply fill in the order form and email it to Rebecca at rebecca@woodvillehockeyclub.com.au. If you have any questions, email Rebecca or call her on 0411 595 474.

Share this offer far and wide- with your friends, family and acquaintances. The more the merrier!

Orders close Friday 27 November.

Collection will be available from the Woodville Hockey clubrooms from Saturday 4 December.

Our club thrives with the generous input from our members, volunteers and supporters. Thank you for your support and see you at the club soon.

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