UPDATD 26/07/2020 – Club open

[26/7/2020] Training and competitions are currently running. Please refer to the Game Day Information page for more information on current activities at the club and COVID safe actions and policies.

[20/3/2020] Last night the Woodville Hockey Club Management Committee discussed the current situation we are all enduring. As you would all be aware the world is facing a pandemic with Coronavirus (COVID-19). The risks of this virus are far-reaching and are having a direct impact on our communities.

The Board of Hockey SA has advised that it will postpone the start of all hockey competitions and activities in South Australia commencing immediately. This decision was not made lightly, and it will have a huge impact upon the association, clubs and the hockey community.

Like many other clubs, at this stage until the end of April 2020 WHC has:
– Suspended all training for all grades until further notice
– Suspended all club events until further notice
– Suspended the use of the bar, canteen & clubroom facilities until further notice.

It is important to note that the season has not been cancelled, only postponed at this stage and we will monitor how events evolve in the coming weeks. However, no date for resumption has been forecast at this stage. As this changes rapidly we ask that members stay close to our Facebook page as it is the quickest and most efficient communication method that we have as a club.

We appreciate that this will be disappointing news for many of our members, but it is the right decision for the Club to make and we ask for your understanding and support in these trying times. We are working on ways we can continue to support our community & remain active as a group (while socially distancing ourselves!)

The club will continue to follow all government, Hockey Australia and Hockey SA directives and advice as they come to us.

We encourage everyone to pull together at this time. None of us have experienced anything like this before and as a committee we will continue to work in the best interest of all of our members.

Please take care of yourself and your family, stay safe and put yourself and the wider community in the best possible position to get past this.

If you have any questions please direct them to &
& we have a bit more information & other links on our website

Hockey SA

Hockey Australia

Statement available on Hockey Australia’s website.

World Health Organisation

And some sensible discussion…

“So most people have a fear of acquiring the virus. I  think a good way of doing it is to imagine that you do have the virus, and change your behaviour so that you’re not transmitting it.

Don’t think about changing your behaviour so that you won’t get it, think about changing your behaviour so you don’t give it to somebody else.”

Graham Medley – Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling

Fake health advice you should ignore

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